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Thesis preparation

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The dissertation is an academic document that allows the student to demonstrate the necessary skills to conduct research as well as the domain of the selected subject. Among the most remarkable features of this genre it is to guarantee the student obtaining academic grade level.

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  • Basic Sciences and Engineering
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The research protocol described systematically develops the elements to generate an academic or scientific text as the thesis, the dissertation or essay, and it is essential to guide the student and the advisor.

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The general structure of the research protocol is as follows:

  • Title of research
  • Problem Statement
  • Main goal
  • Specific objectives
  • Justification
  • Conceptual framework
  • Methodology
  • Research Hypothesis
  • Activity schedule
  • References and further reading

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Development of academic report


An academic report is a document that reflects the experience of a professional activity, an investigation resulting in a scholarly article or a report to support the teaching through the development of educational materials, social service or fieldwork.

Academic reports represent one of the modes of qualification for some races. These academic reports are presented by several professional activities:

  1. a) The activity of teaching support
  2. b) For professional work
  3. c) Social service
  4. d) Project to support disclosure

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Essays / Coursework


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The drafting of reports is an essential skill for all students, including the ability to produce progress reports, book reviews, reports, proposals and final reports.

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Statistical Services


Statistical analysis is a very important part of his thesis, because it demonstrates that its conclusions are based on an original, logical and accurate research.  A thorough analysis will ensure you get the right degree for his thesis.

Statistical analysis is a complex task that requires a thorough knowledge of software, including SPSS, Excel, eViews, Polystat, Stata, Matlab, among others. Without these skills, the analysis of the results of the research for his thesis is not only difficult, but it can also result in missed work. A more complex analysis leads to better grades.

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Corrections and Revisions

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